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The conference "Negotiating Identity in Migration Processes". Date: 26-28.10.2011. Site: Madrid, Spain. Deadline: 20.06.2011


Organiser:  MariaCaterina  La  Barbera  and  Matilde  Fernández  Montes,  Center  for  Human  and  Social  Sciences  (CCHS) of the National Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Madrid.

Topics: The Organizing Committee invites to submit proposals dealing with one of the three topics summarized below. Both theoretical contributions and results from fieldwork are welcomed.

1) Migration Policies: Analysis of migration  policies  and  their  impact  in  migrants'  identity  transformation,  addressing  issues  of  securitization, criminalization of migration, and the construction of immigrants as the Other. The emergence of new social multi-sited  spaces  crossing  over  national  borders  and  their  relevance  in  social  integration  processes  are  considered crucial issues.

2) Intercultural Education: Analysis of migrant students' participation in the educational systems of Western  immigration  countries  and  its  relation  with  identity  transformation.  The  analysis  of  the  impact  that intercultural  education  programs  have  on  the  construction  and  deconstruction  of  identity  at  schools  will  be prioritized.

3) Gender, Cultural, and Religious Differences: Analysis of the role of gender, culture and religion in the construction  and  transformation  of  migrants'  identity. 

The  Organizers  encourages  to  address  issues  related  to minorities' cultural and religious practices, and their impact on the public sphere in Western immigration countries.
In  particular,  gender,  as  a  fundamental  factor  in  the  process  of  identity  negotiation,  is  considered  of  special interest.

Language: English, Spanish  
Deadline: June 20, 2011

Contact: The Organizing Committee
E-mail: negotiating.identity@gmail.com
Internet: https://sites.google.com/site/identityinmigrationprocesses/Home