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2nd International Conference on Humanities, Historical and Social Sciences - CHHSS 2011. Date:21-22.10.2011. Site: Cairo, Egypt. Deadline: 01.07.2011


Organiser: International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) 

Topics:  The  International  Conference  is  the  premier  forum  for  the  presentation  of  new  advances  and  research  results  in  the  fields  of  theoretical,  experimental,  and  applied  Humanities,  Historical  and  Social  Sciences. 

The  conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around  the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: Area Studies (African, American, Asian,  European, Hispanic, Islamic, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Russian, Women\'s and all other cultural and ethnic studies);  Behavioural   and   Psychological   Sciences;   Business;   Cognitive,   Psychological   and   Behavioural   Sciences;  Communication and Information Technologies in Social Sciences; Communities and Communications; Complexity  Theory  in  the Social  Sciences;  Computational  Methods  in  Social  Science;  Data mining  in  Social  Science;  Ethical  Issues  and  Challenges;  Ethnic  Studies/International  Studies;  Finance;  Gender  Studies;  Human  and  Social  Evolutionary  Complexity;  Human  Development  based  on  psychological  and  social  concepts;  Human  Rights  Development; Law and Justice; Mathematical Modelling in Social Science; Political Science and Decision Making;  Politics,  society,  and  international  relations;  Population  and  Development;  Social  and  Organizational  Networks;  Social  Complexity;  Social  Computing;  Social  Network  Analysis;  Social  Systems  Dynamics;  Social  Work;  Social-
Psychological,   Social,   Organizational,   and   Technological   Systems;   Socio-Cognitive-Technological   Systems;  Sociology;  Sociology  and  Social  Computation;  Sustainable  Development;  Sustainable  Economic  Development;  Sustainable  Human  and  Social  Development;  Technology,  Society,  Environmental  Studies;  Violence,  Extremism,  and Terrorism; Women‟s studies.

Language: English  
Deadline: July 1, 2011
E-mail: chhss@iedrc.org
Internet: http://www.iedrc.org/chhss/index.htm