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The Role of Government is to Address Market Failures

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Опубликовано на портале: 30-06-2011
Бюллетень Инновационные Тренды. 2011.  № 5. С. 3-5. 
In  the  energy  sector,  the  problem  might  be  even  more complicated   than   the   chicken   and   egg   one,   because “generation  and  saving  issues”  transcend  over  time  and
interact  not  only  with  each  other  but  also  with  geopolitical concerns. For example, after the first oil shock the immediate response  by  governments  was  to  install  energy  savings measures in the short term, but simultaneously invest in new energy  generation  technologies  that  could  increase  global energy sources in the long term.
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