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The conference "Of Cosmopolitanism and Cosmologies". Date: 02-03.09.2011. Site: Telč, Czech Republic. Deadline: 08.07.2011


Organiser: Czech Association for Social Anthropology (CASA), Slovak Association of Social Anthropologists (SASA)

Topics: The organizers invite scholars and students of social anthropology and related disciplines to address the following questions and to develop their own themes for panels focusing directly or indirectly on the anthropological investigation  of  cosmopolitanism,  understood  most  broadly  as  a  historically,  socially  or  culturally  situated phenomenon: 

  • The  narrative  of  internationalism  during  socialism  operated  sometimes  explicitly  in  opposition  to cosmopolitanism. What is the plight of this narrative after 1990?Conceptions of self and “other” are often revealed in relation to cosmological settings. What are the current ontologies of self and other in post-socialist Europe?The “culturalization of poverty” could be seen as a new millennial narrative. How can we read this global escape to culture against existing social inequalities?;
  • Kant linked cosmopolitanism to the principle of universal hospitality. What could be made of that link if we take into account the renewed interest of anthropology in hospitality?;
  • Do new  religious  movements  influencing  various  marginal  groups  in  CEE  reveal  any  cosmopolitan  ethos?; 
  • In  the increasingly  interconnected  and  complex  world  new  cosmo-political  alliances  and  identities  have  been  forming across  social  and  environmental  movements  (around  issues  such  as  global  poverty,  climate  justice,  agriculture etc.). How are the local and trans-local loyalties and stakes played out in these movements?

Language: English (plenary session); English, Slovak,
and Czech (panel sessions)
Fee: 600 CZK (25 €)

Deadline: July 8, 2011. The abstracts should be send to SASA.CASA.11@gmail.com

Internet: http://www.casaonline.cz/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/CfP_CASA-SASA_2011.pdf