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Summer School in Holocaust Studies: “The Diverse Survival Strategies of Jewish and Roma Communities in Macedonia: From Resistance to Memorialization”. Date: 26.09-03.10.2011. Site: Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. Deadline: 15.07.2011


Organiser: Institute for Social and Humanities Research “Euro-Balkan” 

Topics: The central interest of the School is focused on opening up the discussion about the memorialisation of the Holocaust  experience  in  Macedonia,  and  in  particular  focusing  for  the  first  time  on  Roma  people  as  victims  of genocide  violence,  by  taking  the  Holocaust  as  an  important  factor  in  the  formation  of  Macedonia‟s  historic  and socio-cultural past.

The presence of the Jewish narrative in Macedonia will be compared to the scarce but important data on Roma people among other minority groups - victims of the Holocaust (homosexuals, disabled people, etc.). By  promoting  the  memorialisation  of  Jewish  and  Roma  experiences  in  a  comparative  perspective  from  the Macedonian context and their “strategies of survival”, in this Summer School the organizer takes as a starting point an  attempt  to  further  thematise  and  raise  awareness  of  the  systemic  violence  of  the  Holocaust  through  inter-disciplinary academic discussion. 

Language: English
Deadline: July 15, 2011

Contact:  Dr.  Sofija  Grandakovska,  Director  of  the  Summer  School;  Stanimir  Panayotov,  MA  Academic Coordinator of the Summer School
E-mail: sofija.grandakovska@euba.edu.mk
Internet:  http://www.euba.edu.mk/details-ohrid-summer-university/items/call-for-applications-summer-school-in-holocaust-studies.html