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11th International Postgraduate Conference on Central and Eastern Europe: “Crisis: Interruptions, Reactions and Continuities in Central and Eastern Europe”. Date:15-17.02.2012. Site: London, UK. Deadline: 15.07.2011


Organiser: School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London 

Topics: This conference examines the concept of crisis from a plethora of disciplinary angles within the Central and Eastern  European  context.  It  offers  a  platform  for  discussing  a  complex  set  of  interactions,  interruptions  and continuities that various forms of crises provoke.

The conference invites postgraduate students and early career researchers  in  the  Humanities  and  Social  Sciences  to  take  part  in  an  interdisciplinary  debate  about  the  nature, meaning, causes and results of crises in Central and Eastern Europe, including South-East Europe, Russia and the countries of the former USSR. The disciplines include, but are not limited to, anthropology, art history, cultural and literary  studies,  economics,  geography,  history  (medieval  to  modern),  linguistics,  politics  and  sociology. 

Topics include but not limited to the following areas:

  • financial and economic crises;
  • social crises, gender and sexuality struggles, crises of memory and identity, crises of values, crisis of political activism;
  • environmental and energy crises;
  • existential crises, crises of the subject, philosophical,  religious and confessional crises; 
  • representation of crises  in  literature,  film  and  drama; 
  • institutional,  political  and  security  crises,  crises  of  regime,  succession  and legitimacy, crises of empire; urban crises, rural and agrarian crises.

Language: English
Deadline: July 15, 2011


E-mail: postgradconference2012@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.ssees.ucl.ac.uk/postgradconf2012.htm