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The first Global Conference "Europe Inside-Out: Europe and Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers". Date: 22-24.09.2011. Site: Vienna, Austria. Deadline: 15.07.2011


Organiser: Euroacademia

Topics: The first Global Conference aims exactly to refresh a broader approach and understanding of Europe by enlarging  the  platform  of  regular  conferences  and  workshops  for  a  wider  arena  of  participants  and  disciplinary backgrounds in order to put on stage a worldwide monadology for such concerns.

The conference aims to enable critical  alternatives  to  the  disciplinary  orthodoxy  by  creating  a  framework  for  interaction  and  dissemination  of diversity that has to become once more a European trademark. The conference also aims to become a constructive confrontational  space  for  alternative  methodologies,  provocative  puzzles,  inter,  multi  and  trans-disciplinary understandings for wider and also for thinner specialized issues of concern on or about Europe of today.

In a way, such a conference aims to become a moment of return to the European specificity of critical self-understanding through dialogue and debate with all the discursive or narrative traditions that directly or indirectly constitute its self.

What is Europe and its place in the world? Is there something particular that sedimented in time and through a controversial history a European way? How does Europe see itself and how do others see it? Is Europe inclusive or club-based exclusive? Is Europe becoming a normative power or just envisages itself as one? Is the European multiculturalism a fact or an ideal? Is the European Union a reflection of Europe or an appropriation of it? These are just few questions out of an enormous space for inquiry that are to be addressed and confronted within the topic of the conference.

Language: English  Fee: 295 €
Deadline: July 15, 2011. The applications should be send to: application@euroacademia.eu

Contact: Euroacademia, Schuttelstrasse 57/22, 1020 Vienna Austria
Tel.: +43 699 105 55 248
Internet:    http://euroacademia.eu/conferences/europe-inside-out-europe-and-europeaness-exposed-to-plural-observers/