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Single Motherhood in Africa. Summer School in Applied Psycho-social Research in Contexts of Marginalization and Cultural Diversity. Date: 27.08-24.09.2011. Site: Nairobi, Kenya. Deadline: 22.07.2011


Organiser: Postgraduate School of Psychology-ASAG 

Topics: The School is designed as an opportunity for interaction between academia and civil society organizations, with the possibility to implement projects based on actual field research. The 2011 Edition of the Summer School is focused on the multi-method investigation of the single mothers phenomenon in Africa, thematizing its causes and psychosocial  implications  and  envisaging  the  realization  and  production  of  one  or  more  documentaries. 

The Summer School  aims  to  train  professional  identities  capable  of  working  in  an  integrated  multidisciplinary  team, with a solid methodological background and adequate capacity to manage the challenges posed by the otherness of the context of action, capable of realizing appropriate documentary forms.

Due to its residentiality, the School, as well as to promote learning, encourages the establishment of networks of research and study among young Italians
and Kenyans, stimulating the exchange and comparison of diverse experiences.

Language: English  Fee: 2.500 € + VAT (20%)
Deadline: July 22, 2011; the completed application form should be send by email to coord.altescuole@unicatt.it or Fax

Contact: Dr. Stefania Meda
Tel.: +39(0)2 481 042 25  Fax: +39(0)2 439 808 29
E-mail: stefania.meda@unicatt.it