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8th International Conference on Social Science Methodology. Date:09-13.07.2012. Site: Sydney, Australia. Deadline: 29.07.2011


Organiser: ISA Research Committee on Logic and Methodology, RC33 

Topics: The aim of the conference is to disseminate knowledge and promote methodological debate with the goal of contributing to the scientific development of social science research, particularly by building the evidence base to evaluate  the  efficacy,  efficiency  and  rigour  of  the  methods  and  techniques  of  social  science  research. 

The organizers welcome papers on all aspects of social science methodology, including but not restricted to: critiques and analysis of the philosophical paradigms that underpin the logic of social research; issues in the formulation of research  questions;  the  design  of  social  research;  methods  of  collecting  data,  and  analysing  them;  research technologies;  and  issues  relating  social  science  methodology  to  research  consumers. 

The  focus  of  each presentation  will  be  a  methodological  issue.  Papers  concerned  solely  on  the  application  of  a  technique  are  not acceptable,  but  are  welcomed  papers  that  illustrate  a  methodological  issue  or  problem  within  the  context  of  a substantive research study.

Language: English
Deadline: July 29, 2011


E-mail: rc33conference@acspri.org.au
Internet: http://conference.acspri.org.au/index.php/rc33/2012/index