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Victims of Crime and War: International and National Contexts Date: 24-25.11.2011. Site: Belgrade, Serbia. Deadline: 01.08.2011


Organiser: Victimology Society of Serbia

Topics: The Conference aims to bring together experts and researchers who are dealing with problems of crime and  war  victims,  both  theoretically  and  practically,  from  the  perspective  of  different  disciplines,  and  to  enable constructive  discussion,  comprehensive  exchange  and  connection  of  various  experiences  and  knowledge.

Experiences and problems of crime and war victims as well as social responses to them will be considered both separately and in their mutual coherence and similarities. Particular attention will be put on considering problems of victims in the context of the latest EU and the Council of Europe packages of measures, UN Resolution 1325 as well as in connection to the obligations of Serbia in regard to determining the facts about war crimes and facing the past.

This years‟ Conference will also have a preparatory character for the 14th Symposium of the World Society of Victimology titled Justice for Victims, which will be held in The Netherlands in 2012. The conference work will be organized through: Plenary sessions; Thematic sessions; Workshops.

Language: English  Fee: 100 € (before 20 September 2011); 150 € (after
20 September 2011); 80 € (for only one day)
Deadline: August 15, 2011

Contact: Tamara Kljajicon
Tel.: +381 11 3034 232
E-mail: infovds@eunet.rs
Internet: http://www.vds.org.rs/GodsnjaKonferencijaVDSDruga2011Eng.htm