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14th South-East European Summer School for Democracy: “EU Perspective of the Western Balkans: Challenges and Opportunities”. Date: 19-23.09.2011. Site: Belgrade, Serbia. Deadline: 12.08.2011


Organiser:  the  Hellenic  Observatory  and  LSEE  (LSE  Research  on  South  East  Europe)  of  the  London  School  of Economics and Political Science, the Anglo-Serbian Society, Belgrade

Topics: Objectives of the School are:

1. The strengthening of existing networks from previous schools and the creation  of  new  networks  of  critically  oriented,  open-minded  individuals  from  the  field  of  social  sciences endeavouring to contribute to the process of democratization and European integration in SEE both theoretically and  practically; 

2.  Dissemination  of  democratic  theory  among  young  political  leaders,  junior  scholars  and  NGO activists in the region of SEE, thus facilitating the consolidation of democracies in the region;

3. Promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration.

Language: English
Deadline: August 12, 2011; the applications should be sent in digital form only

Contact: Ms. Milica Bogdanovic, Programme Co-ordinator
Tel.: +381 11 362 97 34  Fax: +381 11 268 64 71
E-mail: angloserbiansociety@gmail.com
Internet:  http://seminairevirtuel.ro/cfa-14th-s-e-european-summer-school-for-democracy-belgrade-dl-august-12/