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Queen's University Belfast PhD Studentship: “Governing New Social Risks: the Case of Recent Child Policies in European Welfare States”. Deadline: 05.08.2011


Organiser: School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast

Duration: three years
Site: Belfast, UK

Topics:  Applications  are  invited  for  a  fully  funded  +  3  ESRC  studentship  (three  year  PhD)  on  the  topic  of 'Governing New Social Risks: the Case of Recent Child Policies in European Welfare States". 

The studentship will commence on October 1st 2011 under the supervision of Professor Mary Daly. The studentship is linked to the ESRC-funded  project  which  is  the  UK  part  of  an  ORA  scheme  (Open  Research  Area  for  Europe  for  the  Social Sciences). 

The  UK  project  is  therefore  connected  to  projects  in  France,  Germany  and  the  Netherlands.  It  is intended that the studentship will focus on a theme of relevance to the main project. The main research project seeks to look behind the child-centred investment approaches that are now being widely adopted in Europe. In the UK the project is focused empirically on an analysis of a number of child-centred and parenting programmes, with the intention of finding out what is going on in these interventions, examining the opinions of participants, staff, funders and a range of decision makers and locating them in a wider social and political environment. As well as examining  how  programmes  are  functioning,  the  research  project  is  especially  interested  in  identifying  the ambiguities  in  recent  policies  for  children,  e.g.,  the  tension  between  helping  and  controlling  families  and  the possibility that new social divides between different kinds of families are being generated. It will collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data in order to deepen understanding of child-related intervention programmes and their functioning and use in contemporary times. Its cross-national comparative strategy is to take the themes we identify as common in each country and investigate whether and how they are operating in the others. 

Eligibility: Applications are welcome from candidates with a minimum 2.1 undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in sociology,  social  policy  or  a  related  subject  and  an  ESRC  recognized  research  masters  degree  or  equivalent programme  of  research  training  or  relevant  experience  (or  be  in  the  process  of  completing  such  training).  Preferably, students should have knowledge of parenting, family and child-related issues.
Deadline: August 5, 2011

Contact:  Admissions  and  Access  Service,  Student  Guidance  Centre,  Queen‟s  University  Belfast,  Belfast BT7 1NN
E-mail: Postgrad.admissions@qub.ac.uk