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Interdisciplinary Conference: “Migration and the State: Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Transnationalism”. Date: 01-02.12.2011. Site: Warsaw, Poland. Deadline: 01.09.2011


Organiser:  The  Institute  of  History  of  Polish  Academy  of  Sciences,  the  Institute  of  Ethnology  and  Cultural Anthropology of University of Warsaw

Topics: The aim of the conference is to create an interdisciplinary space to discuss the issue of migration and the state, taking into account both the present situation and the history of migratory movements. In the recent years there has been much discussion on issues such as transnationalism and multiple belonging, which created a space to analyze both the receiving and sending end of the migration stream, and put an emphasis on the role of the nation state. During the conference we will discuss and try to redefine such notions as ethnicity, citizenship, and

The  main  issues  of  the  conference  are:  What  forms  do  transnational  linkages  take  and  what  is  their relation to the state? How does loyalty to the home country affect the life of the migrant in the receiving country and his identity? How are immigrants seen by themselves and by the receiving society? How are citizenship rights changed by the arrival of the immigrants? What is the significance of ethnicity in migration research nowadays? How does different ethnicity affect one‘s ability to move freely within the country of residence?

Language: English
Deadline: September 1, 2011

E-mail: migration.and.the.state@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.religionanddiversity.ca/media/uploads/Migration.doc