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Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program for democratic practitioners, scholars, and journalists. Deadline: 01.11.2011


Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows maintain full-time residence at the International Forum for Democratic Studies, NED’s research arm located in Washington, D.C. Dedicated to international exchange, the program offers a collegial environment for fellows to reflect on their experiences and consider lessons learned; conduct research and writing; develop contacts and exchange ideas with counterparts in Washington, D.C.; and build ties that contribute to the development of a global network of democracy advocates.
The Forum hosts 16 to 20 Reagan-Fascell Fellows per year, divided into two five-month sessions:
  • the Fall session starts on October 1 and ends on February 28
  • the Spring session begins on March 1 and ends on July 31
The program offers two tracks, a practitioner track and a scholarly track.

The Practitioner Track: The Reagan-Fascell program was established primarily to support democratic activists, human rights advocates, journalists, and others who work on the front lines of democracy promotion in emerging and aspiring democracies. The program seeks to provide experienced activists with an opportunity to reflect on their work, learn from counterparts in the United States, and reevaluate techniques for building democracy in their country of origin. Fellowships on the practitioner track typically culminate in a strategy memorandum, short article or op-ed, and a formal presentation of the fellow’s analysis and ideas.

The Scholarly Track: Recognizing the importance of intellectual contributions to the theory and practice of democracy, the program offers a scholarly track principally for professors and researchers from emerging and aspiring democracies. Accomplished scholars from established democracies are also eligible to apply. Applicants are expected to possess a Ph.D., or academic equivalent, at the time of application, and to have developed a rigorous research outline. During their stay at the Forum, scholars make at least one formal presentation and complete a substantial piece of writing (a monograph or book) for publication.

The application period for fellowships in 2012–2013 is August 1–November 1, 2011. Please visit  Online Application System to submit your application for a fellowship in 2012–2013.

Source: http://www.ned.org/fellowships/reagan-fascell-democracy-fellows-program