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The international Forum "Geopolitics of a Multipolar World". Date: 04.10.2011. Site: Moscow, Russia. Deadline: 15.08.2011


Organiser: Department of Sociology - International Relations of Moscow State University

Topics: The organizer invites to discuss the following topics:

  • The theory of multipolarity in the world political system;
  • Geopolitics of energy sector; Alternative political models;
  • The fourth wave of globalization; Multi-identity and new actors in geopolitics;
  • The role of religion and cultural (linguistic, ethnic) identity in public policy;
  • Information Technology, world space after the end of policy;
  • New risks and conflicts.

Language: Russian, English
Deadline: August 15, 2011

Contact: The Organizing Committee
E-mail: geopolitika.ru@gmail.com
Internet: http://rossia3.ru/eng/geopolitics