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The conference "Research on Family Demography and Children's Lives: Future Directions and Infrastructures". Date: 27-28.09.2011. Site: Stockholm, Sweden. Deadline: 15.08.2011


Organiser: The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), the Demography Unit, Department of Sociology (SUDA), Stockholm University

Topics: The organizers invite to submit an abstract for a short paper presentation or poster related to the conference theme, perhaps highlighting other types of data on children or research using some of the infrastructures on which will be focused.

The organizers also welcome participation as a contributor to discussions of individual presentations or the general issues they want to address.

Language: English
Deadline: August 15, 2011

Contact: Elin Olsson, conference secretary
E-mail: elin.olsson@sofi.su.se
Internet: http://www.phmed.umu.se/english/divisions/epidemiology/research/the-umea-simsam-node/