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The conference "Trade Unions in the Democratic Process". Date: 22-24.11.2011. Site: Göttingen, Germany. Deadline: 19.09.2011 Topics: The conference


Organiser: Doctoral Scholarship Department of the Hans-Böckler Foundation, Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences

Topics: The conference will cover issues relating to the role and influence of trade unions within the framework of democratisation efforts and as the result of the radical changes and transformations which have and are still taking place in various political systems around the world. It will also consider the options available to trade unions in existing democracies to shape developments, particularly in light of the growing socio-economic problems and new challenges  that  they  face  in  many  of  these  democracies. 

The  conference  will  focus  on  the  initial  situations, developments,  processes  and  results  of  trade  union  influence  in  very  different  countries,  regions  and  political frameworks. International comparisons and historical perspectives are also possible and desired.

In particular, the conference will cover the following topics and issues: What functions do trade unions assume in democratisation and/or  democracy  stabilisation  processes?  In  what  way  are  trade  unions  political  players  in  their  operative frameworks  and  functions?  How  do  they  present  themselves?  What  are  the  definitions  and  interpretations  of democracy  from  a  behaviour  influencing  perspective?  How  do  the  trade  unions  collaborate  with  their  alliance partners in the democratic process? How do the trade unions‟ strategic concepts compare at an international level? What roles do trade unions play in repressive regimes? To what extent have trade unions adapted to changing work situations and demographic shifts (e.g. to the “internship generation” in industrial nations, migrants or the very young average age of many populations in the southern hemisphere)? What functions do trade unions assume in  connection  with  the  inclusion  and  integration  of  marginal  set  groups?  What  function  do  the  ILO  and  other international trade union organisations assume in the above connection? What is the significance of transnational networks? What kind of a media presence do trade unions have in the democratic process?

Language: English, German  
Deadline: August 19, 2011

Contact: Dr. Susanne Schedel
Tel.: +49 (0)211 777 83 01
E-mail: wt@boeckler.de
Internet: http://www.h-net.org/announce/show.cgi?ID=186112