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Gender Paradoxes of Changing Academic and Scientific Organisation. Date: 20-21.10.2011. Site: Örebro, Sweden. Deadline: 25.08.2011


Organiser: The Center for Feminist Social Studies (CFS) Academy of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences Örebro University 

Topics: The organizer invites abstract submissions for the conference from scholars at all career stages whose research addresses one or more of the following sub-themes:

1) The paradox of CHANGE: rapid “non-gendered”  change, and gender inertia in academic and scientific organizations; gendering “non-gendered” change processes; gatekeepers  promoting  and  preventing  change. 

2)  The  paradox  of  EXCELLENCE:  gendering  new  and  emerging stratifications  of  academic  and  scientific  organizations,  disciplines  and  professions;  gender  impact  of  different excellence  programmes  and  initiatives;  critical  policy  analyses  of  excellence  promotion. 

3)  The  paradox  of INTERVENTIONS: gender dynamics of gender equality promotion, resistance and change in academic and scientific
settings; gender equality change agents in science and academia; gender fatigue; gender impacts of seemingly non-gendered interventions such as reforms in governance, appointment, evaluation, funding or salary systems.

Language: English  
Deadline: August 25, 2011; All applications must be clearly marked in the subject of the email: Abstract GEXcel conf 2011 and send to GEXcelTheme11-12@oru.se, with a cc to mia.fogel@oru.se

Contact:  The  Center  for  Feminist  Social  Studies  (CFS)  Academy  of  Humanities,  Education  and  Social Sciences Örebro University, SE-70182 Örebro, Sweden
Tel.: +46 19 303 000
Internet: http://www.genderexcel.org/?q=node/333