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The international conference "Responsibility-taking, Relationship-building and Restoration in Prisons". Date: 17-19.01.2012. Site: Budapest, Hungary. Deadline: 31.08.2011


Organiser: Project “Mediation and Restorative Justice in the Prison Settings” (MEREPS)

Topics: The conference will take place in Budapest, Hungary.

The aim of the conference is to summarise the main findings of the research projects and the pilots experimenting restorative justice (RJ) and mediation in prisons in Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom, and to stimulate the exchange of good practices related to RJ in prisons.

Language: English 

Fee: free (first 10 registered participants); 50 € (until 31 August 2011); 80 € (after 31 August 2011)
Deadline: August 31, 2011

Details: http://mereps.foresee.hu/en/segedoldalak/news/520/038566edd7/143/