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The international conference "Multi-faceted Nature of Collaboration in Contemporary World". Date: 07-08.11.2011. Site: Novo mesto, Slovenia. Deadline: 31.08.2011


Organiser: School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS), Junior Sociologists Network (JSN)

Topics:  The  organizers  welcome  the  submission  of  papers  to  the  overall  theme  Multi-faceted  nature  of collaboration  in  contemporary  world  or  to  one  of  the  following  special  sub-themes: 

1.  Collaboration  in  EU: Challenges   and   opportunities;  

2.   Collaboration   mechanisms   in   the   process   of   knowledge   creation;  

3. Interdisciplinarity  and  collaboration; 

4.  Post-traditional  forms  of  collaboration; 

5.  Collaboration  in  historical prospective;

6. Collaboration between universities and society;

7. Down-sides of collaboration;

8. Networks and collaboration;

9. Collaboration in public or private organizations;

10. Collaboration in the multicultural context;

11. Methodological issues and collaboration. Papers from other sub-fields of collaboration studies are also invited.

Language: English 

Deadline: August 31, 2011

Contact: Urša Lamut, Dolores Modic, Tamara B. Valič
E-mail: ccw2011@fuds.si
Internet: http://ccw2011.wordpress.com/