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The conference "Closing the Empowerment Gap through Citizenship Education: How to address educationally disadvantaged groups". Date: 17-19.11.2011. Site: Warsaw, Poland. Deadline: 17.09.2011


Organiser: Federal Agency for Civic  Education/ bpb  (Germany),  Centre for Citizenship  Education  (Poland),  The Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (Austria), The House for Democracy and the Rule of Law (the Netherlands)

Topics: The NECE conference invites multipliers in the fields of citizenship and cultural education, youth and social workers, NGO representatives and experts from a wide range of academic disciplines from all over Europe to come and take part in an exchange of ideas, and find out more about the possibilities of transfer and new networks.
Presentations will include theoretical and practical approaches from Europe, both in schools and in out-of-school or informal  learning  environments,  providing  a  platform  for  the  discussion  on  inclusive  approaches  of  citizenship education  for  educationally  disadvantaged  groups. 

The  conference  format  aims  to  be  both  participatory  and interactive. 

Workshop  1:  Learning  Environment  School/  Quality  Assurance; 

Workshop  2:  Learning  Environment School;

Workshop 3: Learning Environment Community and Urban District Work;

Workshop 4: Media and Social Networks  (Web  2.0); 

Workshop  5:  Concepts  and  Approaches  of  Cultural  Education; 

Workshop  6:  Interface Vocational Training and Citizenship Education;

Workshop 7: Milieus and Social Area.

Language: English  Fee: 50-75 €
Contact: Federal Agency for Civic Education, Petra Grüne, Adenauerallee 86, 53113 Bonn
Tel.: +49 (0)228 995 152 89
E-mail: gruene@bpb.bund.de
Internet: http://www.bpb.de/veranstaltungen/VBD8JU,0,Closing_the_empowerment_gap_through_citizenship_