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The conference "Nationalism and the City". Date: 10-11.02.2012. Site: Cambridge, UK. Deadline: 01.10.2011


Organiser:  The  Centre  for  Research  in  the  Arts,  Social  Sciences  and  Humanities  (CRASSH),  University  of Cambridge

Topics:  This  conference  will  move  to  „re-centre‟  the  urban  in  theories  of  nations  and nationalism,  facilitating  a dialogue across disciplines to address the many layers of what has been described as „the urban palimpsest‟.A special  emphasis  will  be  placed  on  integrating  the  insights  of  those  focused  on  dynamics  in  the  city  and  those addressing  the  broader  phenomenon  of  nationalism,  to  enliven  debates  on  space,  identity,  and  politics  and  to illuminate important convergences and contradictions, conjunctures and disjunctures.

The task for researchers is as follows: how are we to conceptualize the role of cities/urban environments in the origins/ spread/ perpetuation/ undermining  of  nations  and  nationalism?  The  continuities  and  variations  in  urban  forms  across  continents necessitates a global focus, and participants are encouraged to consider the transnational dimension of both „the urban‟  and  „the  nation‟  as  sociological  phenomena  and  cognitive  categories.  Suggested  focal  points  include: Urbanization/modernization  and  the  conditions  of  nationalism's  emergence; Urban  intellectual  networks  and  the global  diffusion  of  nationalism;  Cities  as  battle-space  and/or  as  sites  for  mobilization;  National  unity  and  the urban/rural „divide‟; The city as metaphor for nation; Globalizing cities, „post-nationalism‟, and notions of urban reclamation; Cosmopolitanism,  nationalism,  and  layers  of  belonging;  Multiculturalism,  heterogeneity  and  the urban; Disintegration, dystopia and „spaces of alterity‟.

Language: English  
Deadline: October 1, 2011
E-mail: nationalismandthecity@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/1684/