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The conference "Collaboration between the Soviet Union and Germany in the interwar period and during WWII: Causes and Consequences". Date: 05–06.11.2011. Site: Kyiv, Ukraine. Deadline: 10.10.2011


Organiser: The Kyiv City Organization of the Ukrainian Charitable Vasyl Stus Memorial Society, the Public Institute of Historical Memory, the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Topics:  A  list  of  possible  conference  themes  includes:  Ideological  and  political  platform  of  German  National Socialism and Soviet Communism; Economic, political and military cooperation between Germany and the USSR in the interwar period; The problems of the Baltic and Black Sea states as well as stateless nations of Eastern Europe in the context of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact; Russian fascism in Europe in the interwar period: ideas, images and organizational structure; Collaborative movements and military units in Germany and the USSR before and during World  War  II;  Search  for  a  separate  peace  between  Germany  and  the  USSR;  Comparative  analysis  of  political repressions, genocide and war crimes in Germany and the USSR; The national liberation movements of the peoples of  Central  and  Eastern  Europe:  reassessments  of  historians  and  politicians;  Collective  memories  of  Nazism  and Stalinism; The legacies of totalitarian past and the resurrection and establishment of authoritarian practices and movements on the territory of the former Soviet Union: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc.

Language:  Ukrainian, English, Russian, Belarusian, Polish
Deadline: October 10, 2011; The registration form and the text of the article should be sent to memkonf@gmail.com and svyetlov@gmail.com

Contact: Oleksandr Svyetlov; Sergiy Zhovty
E-mail: svyetlov@gmail.com; zhowty@gmail.com
Internet:    http://ukrconsensus.org.ua/project-news/79-call-for-papers-conference-november-5-6-2011-kyiv-collaboration-between-the-soviet-union-and-germany-causes-and-consequences.html