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The conference "Econometrics for Policy Analysis: after the Crisis and Beyond". Date: 15-17.12.2011. Site: Florence, Italy. Deadline: 25.09.2011


The European University Institute and the University of Florence are pleased to host the 2011 "Econometrics for Policy Analysis: after the Crisis and Beyond" Conference. 

EC-squared or (EC)² is a series of annual international conferences on research in quantitative economics and econometrics, launched in 1990. The acronym (EC)² stands for European Conferences of the Econom[etr]ics Community. Its main aim is to maintain and extend an adequate forum for both senior and junior European researchers in quantitative economics and econometrics to discuss the progress and results of their research.

The conference theme of 2011 is "Econometrics for Policy Analysis: after the Crisis and Beyond". Theoretical and applied contributions are invited and we particularly welcome contributions focusing on econometric methods and models that can assist in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of economic policy, and on their performance during and after the recent global financial crisis. We expect the programme to have about 20 presentations in plenary sessions and a number of poster presentations.

The Programme Chair is Frank Smets from the European Central Bank.

The local organizers are Giampiero M. Gallo (Università degli Studi di Firenze) and Massimiliano Marcellino (European University Institute).

The Scientific Committee will assign 4 travel grants of EUR 450,00 each to PhD students presenting unfunded research.

E-mail: ec2@eui.eu

Source: http://www.eui.eu/DepartmentsAndCentres/Economics/ResearchTeaching/Conferences/EC22011/Index.aspx