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Ethics and Explanation Conference. Date: 18-19.11.2011. Site: Deadline: 30.09.2011


This conference is the opening event in a larger research project into the nature of ethics and explanation, and will bring together meta-ethicists, normative ethicists and philosophers of science. 

Conference organiser: Dr Neil Sinclair

he aim of the conference is to begin a cross-fertilisation of these sub-disciplines of philosophy. In particular, the conference (and the larger research project) will address the following three questions.
  • What type of explanation(s) is ethics susceptible to and how are these explanatory projects related?
  • What are the consequences for ethics of the (un)availability of explanations of these various types?
  • Is there a unique type of ‘moral explanation’ that needs to be considered as ‘data’ when attempting to give general theories of the nature of explanation?

The conference aims, therefore, to bring together meta-ethicists, normative ethicists and philosophers of science. That the conference organisers are researchers previously working in meta-ethics (N. Sinclair) and normative ethics and philosophy of science (U. Leibowitz) is already an indication of this collaborative approach.


E-mail: neil.sinclair@nottingham.ac.uk

Source: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/philosophy/research/conferences/ethics-explanation/index.aspx