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Innovation Policy in Russia: Is it Successive, Balanced, Effective?

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Опубликовано на портале: 18-09-2011
The article analyzes the major changes that have occurred in government innovation policy since 2009 when government has announced the new strategic directions for development. More detailed analysis is related to three types of initiatives. First – projects aimed to creation of technical infrastructure – such as technology commercialization zones and Skolkovo project. Second – support of small innovative enterprises. Third – stimulating of linkages among actors of innovative system. It is demonstrated that at the moment innovative policy is not balanced and successive because the chosen priorities and approaches to their implementation to do lead to interconnected innovative system. The least optimistic view may be expressed towards the level of effectiveness of the policy because all indicators of innovative activity in the country show that “oasis” of innovation activity grow at the places where government is least interfering.
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