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1st Balkans Forum of Social Sciences (BFSS): “Sociology and Social Sciences in Balkans: Experiences, Problems and Challenges”. Date: 22.11.2011. Site: Tirana, Albania. Deadline: 01.11.2011


Organiser: The Albanian Sociological Association 

Topics: The Albanian Sociological Association invites the representatives of national associations of sociologists, of social  sciences  faculties  and  departments  of  the  Universities  of  the  Balkan  countries  and  other  social  science scholars  from  the  Balkan  region  to  the  6th  International  Conference  of  the  Albanian  Institute  of  Sociology on
Sociology  and  social  sciences  in  the  Balkans. 

The  objectives  of  the  Balkans  Forum  of  Social  Sciences  are:

  • to establish a permanent cooperation between the existing (and forthcoming) national sociological associations in the Balkan countries, as well as between the Faculties and Departments of Social Sciences of the universities of the region;  to  organize  an  annual  conference  of  the  Balkans  Forum  of  Social  Sciences  by  turn  in  each  country; 
  • to promote activities of the BFSS members in journals, newsletters, websites edited in each country.

The aim of BFSS is: Promoting National Associations (NAs) of Sociology and other social sciences in Balkans; Institutionalization of the cooperation between NAs, sociologists and other social scholars of Balkan region; Helping thee development of sociology and other social sciences in this region; Stressing the disciplinary identity and the intellectual tradition of sociology  and  other  social  sciences;  Improving  communication  among  sociologists  and  other  social  scholars  of Balkan  countries;  Providing  a  more  substantial  cooperation  between  associations,  institutions  and  networks  of Balkans  countries;  Making  social  sciences  more  visible  to  policy  makers  of  Balkans  countries;  Identifying  the common problems of Balkans countries and developing supra-national research networks; Changing information, studies, databases as well as scholars and students.

Language: English
Deadline: November 1, 2011
E-mail: info@instituti-sociologjise.org
Internet: http://www.isa-sociology.org/conference.php?t=396