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The interdisciplinary conference "Mastering the Challenges in Higher Education: Considering the way students learn, cheat and enhance performance". Date: 08-09.12.2011. Site: Bielefeld, Germany. Deadline: 31.10.2011


Organiser: University of Bielefeld

Topics:  The  interdisciplinary  conference  focuses  on  student  fraud  (such  as  plagiarism,  cheating  in  exams),cognitive enhancement (such as use of medication), student learning strategies, learning motivation and teaching strategies as well as adverse structural and individual inferences within these processes.

The conference will also emphasize  recommendations  for  the  individual  and  at  the  organizational  level  concerning  the  core  concept  of learning and teaching, and associated theoretical, methodological and ethical issues. Researchers from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, pedagogy, neuroscience, medicine etc. are welcome along with academic staff or the study advisers.
Language: English  Fee: 65 €; 50 € ((Ph.D.)students)
Deadline: October 31, 2011

E-mail: cheatandlearn.conference@uni-bielefeld.de
Internet: http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/soz/fairuse/conference/