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2012 Pacific Sociological Annual Meeting. Date:22-25.03.2012. Site: Harbor Island, San Diego, US. Deadline: 15.10.2011


Organiser: Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) 

Topics: Three decades ago, Black feminist activists argued for an analysis of the situation of Black women that took seriously the ways in which their lives were affected by racial, gendered, and classed dynamics. Black feminist scholars did just that in developing the concept of intersectionality and elaborating an intersectional approach to knowledge production in the social sciences and humanities. This approach has transformed scholarship in many fields.

In  sociology,  scholars have  sought  to examine  the simultaneous  and  multiplicative  interaction  of  axes of inequality around class, race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, disability, citizenship. Scholars have reckoned not only  with  an  intersectional  approach  to  identity  construction  and  enactment  but  also  its  application  to understanding  the  social  processes  of  interaction  in  organizations,  social  movements,  and  other  institutional spheres,  and  the  ways  in  which  inequalities  are  produced,  changed,  and  resisted.  No  longer  is  it  simply  Black feminist scholars doing this work, but many scholars in various areas within sociology have taken the challenge of working with this framework.

It is now time to examine the intersectional approach to assess its strengths and its weaknesses in theoretical argument, empirical research, policy development and implementation, and in the work
we do as teachers.

The 2012 meeting will focus on how intersectional approaches have been marshalled in various subfields of sociology and attempt to measure their success; how quantitative and qualitative methodologies have been enhanced and challenged by an intersectional perspective; how and why some axes of power been more fully explored than others; to what extent analyses of specific policy domains, such as immigration, corporate profittaking, crime, educational access, HIV/AIDS, civil rights, have usefully employed its insights; what works and what does not in teaching intersectionality. Submissions on all sociological topics are welcome. However, organizers are particularly interested in those related to the theme of the 2012 meetings.

Language: English
Deadline: October 15, 2011


E-mail: psa@sdsu.edu
Internet: http://www.pacificsoc.org/2006/08/2012-annual-meeting.html