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Physical Violence in Late Socialism: (Dis-)Entangling Statehood, Labor, and the Nation. Date: 19-21.04.2012. Site: Regensburg, Germany. Deadline: 31.10.2011


Organiser: Institute for East and South East European Studies (IOS)

Topics: By stressing the notion of physical violence and its significance for state legitimacy, the project seeks to contribute  to  the  general  discussion  of  late  socialist  societies.  The  first  annual  conference  will  explore  physical violence within two core fields related to the legitimatory strategies and discourses of communist statehood: the social and the national. By contextualizing physical violence within these highly ambiguous fields, the organizer aims  to  contribute  to  the  dismantling  of  powerful  stereotypical  narrations  and  images  of  state  socialism;  for example, the remnants of binary mental maps coined by the Cold War or interpretations that have emerged on the grounds of post-socialist nation-(re)building. 1. Violence in Labour and Social Relations; 2. The National Factor in Shaping Violence.

The organizer invites proposals striving for a situational and contextualised “thick description” of practices, experiences, and representations of physical violence from the perspective of the historical actors, both in terms of subversive strategies and the expression of state authority. Violence is to be approached through a quadruple lens as exercised, suffered, observed and/or imagined.

Language: English
Deadline: October 31, 2011

Contact: Dr. Sabine Rutar, Südost-Institut, Landshuter Str. 4, 93047 Regensburg, Germany
E-mail: rutar@suedost-institut.de
Internet:  http://www.suedost-institut.de/fileadmin/dokumente/CfP_Physical_Violence_in_Late_Socialism_Regensburg.pdf