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Beijing Workshop on Institutional Analysis. Date: 20-26.05.2012. Site: Beijing, China. Deadline: 12.01.2012


Beijing Workshop on Institutional Analysis co-sponsored with the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University  is to take place may 20-26, 2012  in Beijing, China.

Hear established institutional scholars discuss research and strategies to formulate questions, design projects, present results, and draw conclusions. 

Who is eligible:

·  Postdoctoral social scientists - early in their careers
·  Advanced graduate students - in economics, political science, management, law, and other social sciences.

Participants will be selected competitively on the basis of their research abstracts. Admission is strictly limited, and the pace is intense. Participants must attend all sessions and give as well as receive feedback.

To apply  please follow instructions exactly:

E-mail a 1-page abstract - 350 words maximum - of a current research project of yours, plus a 1-page curriculum vitae, to workshop2012bj@coase.org.

Do this before the deadline: January 20, 2012.

Many fellowships will be awarded competitively to scholars for whom the tuition is a hardship, to cover tuition, meals,and housing.If you wish to be  considered for a fellowship, include a statement of your financial needs, explaining why you need the fellowship and whether other funding is available for you.

Attach it as a Microsoft Word .doc file, using filename yyy fellowship request.doc(where yyy is your surname). All participants are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Details: http://www.coase.org/whatsnew.htm