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International Scientific Conference «Entrepreneurship, Family Firms and Economic Development». Date: 27-28.08.2012. Site: Krakow, Poland. Deadline: 15.12.2011



  •     Cracow University of Economics  (CUE)  - Krakow - Poland    
  •     Università Politecnica delle Marche – Faculty of Economics “Giorgio Fuà” – Ancona - Italy
  •     ECSB – European Council for Small Business  
  •     ICSB – International Council for Small Business 


Entrepreneurship  is  a  necessary  condition  for  economic  growth  and  development.  Modern  states converge  in  treating  entrepreneurship  as  a  key  economic  resource.  But  ntrepreneurship  is especially important in the period of structural change and changing global division of labor. 

The organizers have designed the conference as a meeting point to discuss past, present  and future tendencies  with  regard  to  entrepreneurship  and  family  firms  and  their  impact  on  economic development.  It welcomes authors who link SMEs research with family firm and entrepreneurship researches. 

Conference Topics: 

•   The concept and determinants of entrepreneurship in modern economies;

•   The relations between entrepreneurship and family firms;

•   The advantages and disadvantages of family as a vehicle for firms’ creation;

•   The barriers to the growth of family firms;

•   The similarities and differences between family firms and SMEs;

•   Comparative advantages and disadvantages of family firms;

•   The impact of family firms on local development

•   The spatial dimension of entrepreneurship;

•   Sustainability issues in family firms;

•   International migration and family firms;

•   Governance challenges of family firms;

•   Family business groups: emergence and prospects;

•   Various research approaches to study family firms’ growth and development;

•   The Impact of the Business Environment on the Family Firms;

•   Public policy and the growth of family firms. 

Source: www.familybusiness.org.pl