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The conference "Migration as a Sign of the Times. Perspectives from social sciences, philosophy and theology". Date: 12 – 14.04.2012. Site: Salzburg, Austria. Deadline: 31.12.2011


Organiser: Centre for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, Salzburg University

Topics:  The  contested  realities  of  migration  in  a  globalized  world  raise  complex  issues  and  call  for  a  multi-dimensional analysis. As a sign of the times, migration calls theology into a wider academic discourse and poses two distinct questions:

  • How can the message of the gospel be brought to the fore in the context of migration?
  • What is the specific contribution of theology in the contested discourses on human mobility?
  • How does migration bring to the fore the message of the gospel?
  • Which language do migratory experiences provide for theology?
  • How does migration in-form and re-form our way of experiencing, celebrating and conceptualising God?
  • The conference is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to migration and will engage perspectives from sociology, politology, discourse  analysis,  philosophy  and  theology. 

The  various  points  of  view  are  brought  into  dialogue  and  –  in  an extended  phase  of  plenary  discussion  –  analysed  as  to  their  mutual  implications,  thus  bringing  an  evolving theology of migration further on the way.

Language: English
Deadline: January 31, 2012; Proposals should be sent to Judith Gruber at: Judith.Gruber@sbg.ac.at

Contact: Centre for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, Salzburg University
E-mail: intercultural.theology@sbg.ac.at
Internet: https://www.sbg.ac.at/tkr/events/Migration/Text_website.pdf