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Re-Inventing Eastern Europe. Date: 17-19.05. 2012. Deadline: 20.02.2011. Site: Vienna, Austria.


Organiser: Euroacademia

Topics:  The  Euroacademia International  Conference  aims  rather  than  asserting  to  make  a  case  and  to  provide alternative  views on  the  dynamics,  persistence  and  manifestations  of  the  practices  of alterity  making  that  take place in Europe and broadly in the mental mappings of the world.

It offers an opportunity for scholars, activists and practitioners to locate, discuss and debate the multiple dimensions in which specific narratives of alterity making
towards Eastern Europe preserve their salience today in re-furbished and re-fashioned manners. The conference aims  to  look  at  the  processes  of  alterity  making  as  puzzles  and  to  address  the  persistence  of  the  East-West dichotomies.

Language: English  Fee: 180 €
Deadline: for Panels - January 15, 2012; for Papers - February 20, 2012

Contact: Euroacademia, Schüttelstraße 57/22, 1020 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43(0)699 10 555 248
E-mail: office@euroacademia.eu
Internet: http://euroacademia.eu/conference/international-conference-re-inventing-eastern-europe/