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The conference "Living together in diversity: National societies in the multicultural age". Date: 21-22.05.2012. Site: Budapest, Hungary. Deadline: 31.12.2011


Organiser: Dr. Marco Antonsich, Department of International Relations and European Studies (CEU); Dr. Tatiana Matejskova, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology (CEU)

Topics: The aim of this conference is to explore how „living together in diversity‟ is imagined, narrated, organized, justified, and practiced within contemporary national societies. With the stress on „in‟ rather than „with‟ diversity the  organisers  want  to  move  away  from  reifying  the  dominant  „majority‟  society  perspective,  which  assumes diversity  as  something  „carried‟  solely  by  immigrants  and  something  that  the  „native‟  society  has  to  cope  with.
Some of the questions that are the organisers interested in are:

  • What makes multicultural societies circumscribed by state borders cohere together?;
  • What are the ways in which the nation becomes re-signified to accommodate the  ethno-cultural  diversity  of  its  populace?; 
  • How  do  migrants  position  themselves  in  national  narratives  and political  structures?; 
  • What  alternative  modes  and  models  of  belonging  are  at  work  within  present  national societies?;
  • In which ways does the national continue to feature as a site of attachment?;
  • Is it necessary to have some form of common identification at the national scale to have functioning states in the first place?

Language: English
Deadline: December 31, 2011

Contact:  Dr.  Tatiana  Matejskova,  Department  of  Sociology  and  Social  Anthropology,  Central  European University, Zrinyi utca, 14, 1051, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 32 73 000  Fax: +36 1 32 83 501
E-mail: MatejskovaT@ceu.hu
Internet: http://www.ipsa.org/news/event/living-together-diversity-national-societies-multicultural-age