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The conference "European networks: the Balkans, Scandinavia and the Baltic world in a time of economic and ideological crisis". Date: 25-27.05.2012. Site: Targoviste, Romania. Deadline: 31.12.2011


Organiser: Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, Balkanalysis.com

Topics: The current global economic crisis has generated debate in Europe regarding not only the future expansion of  the  EU,  but  the  very  viability  of  the  European  project  itself. 

The  discussion  regarding  the  integration  of  the Balkans  in  the  EU  or  NATO  has  been  accompanied  or  even  replaced  by  the  question  of  whether  the  European project will in fact survive the general economic and social crisis that Europe faces today. While the Balkans still look  towards  Western  European  models  and  standards,  Europe  itself  is  suffering  a  crisis  of  political  deadlock, economic decline, and an increasingly sharp ideological divide. Similarly, while Estonia has just entered the Euro club  and  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Bulgarian  and  Romanian  leaders  talk  about  joining  into  the  Euro  zone,  top  world economists are at the same time predicting the end of the Euro as a currency sometime in the near future.

The conference  has  two  major  goals: 

  • The  first  is  to  foster  debate  and  academic  discussion  regarding  contemporary problems facing the Balkan and Baltic regions during a period of severe global economic instability. These include the  rise  of  extremist  political  groups  with  violent  aims  in  the  Baltics,  the  continued  activity  of  Balkan-origin organized  crime  groups  in  Scandinavia,  and  the  role  that  Baltic  states  may  play  in  helping  Western  Balkan countries  integrate  politically  and  institutionally  with  the  EU. 
  • The  second  aim  of  the  conference  is  to  foster cooperation and the creation of research networks between scholars from two geographical peripheries of Europe.

Language: English
Deadline: December 31, 2011
Contact: Dr. Silviu Miloiu, Valahia University, Lt. Stancu Ion St., No. 34, 130105 Targoviste, Romania

Tel.: +40 724 403 094  Fax: +40 345 819 714
E-mail: conference2012@arsbn.ro
Internet: http://www.arsbn.ro/conference-2012.htm