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The conference "Social work, community development and the Global Agenda". Date: 17-23.07.2012. Site: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Deadline: 01.04.2012


Organiser: Post-Graduate Course „Developing Neighbourhood and Community Support Systems‟, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik

Topics: Global agenda on social work and social development was drafted during 2010. One of the four framework areas it addresses is environmental sustainability, which includes involvement of local communities in developing relevant welfare  responses. This  and  other challenges  is set  in  the  agenda  as requiring  engagement  with  local, national, regional and global bodies.

Links with the UN and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are stressed as  relevant  to  enable  analysis  and  consolidation  of  evidence  for  collective  advocacy.  However,  the  role  of supranational  bodies  such  as  UN,  World  Bank,  the  international  development  organisations  and  national
governments and local communities on issues that concern social work and social welfare is neither straightforward nor simple. This year‟s course invites papers that explore the complex relationship between local community needs and involvement of the communities to develop relevant welfare responses with such international interventions and agendas – particularly from the perspective of reclaiming social work as a political action, as stated in the draft
Global  Agenda. 

It  will  also explore  the  meaning of  initiatives  and  activism  such  as  that  witnessed  during  “Arab spring”,  “European  Summer”  or  “Occupy  Wall  Street”  for  the  role  of  social  work  in  achieving  community development and social justice. Grants are available to scholars and post-graduate doctoral students from HESP for participants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia,
Moldova,  Montenegro,  Republic  of  Georgia,  Russia,  Serbia,  and  Ukraine.  The  Croatian  Ministry  of  Science, Education and Sport awards scholarship grants to postgraduate students and scholars of Croatian nationality.

Language: English
Deadline: April 1, 2012

Contact: Reima Ana Maglajlić
E-mail: rea.mag@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.dialogueinpraxis.net/index.php?id=28&lang=en