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The 24th international Conference «The Philosophy of inter-human Relations and the Relations with other natural Beings in the global Era». Date: 17-21.07.2012. Site: Samos (Pythagorion), Greece. Deadline: 29.02.2012


The international Association of greek Philosophy, The international Center of greek Philosophy & Culture and The Greek philosophical Society announce the 24th   international  Conference   of   Philosophy on the τοpic: «The Philosophy of inter-human Relations and the Relations with other natural Beings in the global Era».

The Conference will take place in the famous island of Samos (Pythagorion) in Greece from 17th -21st of July 2012.

The Conference intends to provide a broad forum for exploring crucial issues concerning the Philosophy of human relations and the relations to other beings in our age. This means that all legitimate fields of study and philosophical research are included in the scope of the Conference, provided that the authors of conference papers concentrate on the main issues of the Conference. We are particularly interested in all branches of philosophy and of course we pay special attention to academic research papers relevant to the burning moral issues and problems concerning inter-human bonding and other relations and our stance to the world at large in our global era.

The aim of the Conference is to open discourse and to promote the exchange of ideas on the following issues:

1. Inquiry into the ontology of relations

2. Examination and assessment of theories and means regarding kinds of communication among persons, institutions and states (ancient and modern)

3. Review and evaluation of theories (or conceptions) of friendship, love, eros, agape  and enmity (ancient and modern)

4. Inquiry into theories that have (a) been put forth and implemented as bases for human bonding and (b) what conclusions can be drawn from these experiences and (c) to examine the influence of these concepts on such aspects of human intercourse and on social institutions such as community cohesiveness, communication among persons, social dialogue and communication among state authorities and citizens, political change and  stability, persons well-being and psychoanalysis, communication and rationality. (How do people get together at a time when individualism, alienation, loneliness and fragmentation are on the rise and how can the technological character of our global era help to bridge the gap or reinstate the real communication and bonding among people?)

5. Investigation of the kind of relations that man has developed and adopted towards other beings in the world and evaluation of the results of these relations for humanity and the world itself in our global era.

Participants should  send all the necessary information (a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a substantive Abstract of their Paper) to the Organising Committee by 29th of February 2012.


Dr. Aikaterini Lefka

E-mail: Aikaterini.Lefka@ulg.ac.be 

Tel.: 412-624-6567. Fax: 412-624-1878


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