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The 2nd Concept Discovery in Unstructured Data workshop (CDUD). Date: 06-10.05.2012. Site: Leuven, Belgium. Deadline: 01.02.2012


Concept  discovery  is  a  Knowledge  Discovery  in  Databases  (KDD)  research  field  that  uses human-centered   techniques   such   as   Formal   Concept   Analysis   (FCA),   Biclustering, Triclustering,  Conceptual  Graphs  etc.  for  gaining  insight  into  the  underlying  conceptual structure  of  the  data.  Traditional  machine  learning  techniques  are  mainly  focusing  on structured  data  whereas  most  data  available  resides  in  unstructured,  often  textual,  form. Compared to traditional data mining techniques, human-centered instruments actively engage the domain expert in the discovery process.
This workshop welcomes papers describing innovative research on data discovery techniques. Moreover, this workshop intends to provide a forum for researchers  and developers of data mining instruments, working on issues associated with analyzing unstructured data. 

Subject coverage:
- Conceptual Clustering, Biclustering, Triclustering etc.
-  Data  Mining  (Text  Mining,  Graph  Mining,  Web  Mining,  Association  Rules,  Frequent
Closed Sets, etc.)
- Dealing with knowledge incompleteness and asymmetry
- Discovery techniques for conceptual models
- Efficient indexing and structuring algorithms.
- Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), Fuzzy FCA and Rough FCA
- Innovative applications of FCA for discovery purposes
- Knowledge discovery  
- Ontology Learning from text
- Probabilistic concept discovery
- Sociological applications of FCA and related methods
- Structured methods for KDD

The maximum number of accepted papers by an individual author that can be covered by the workshop’s registration charge is 3. The papers over 12 pages are not allowed.

Details: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cdud2012