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Strategic modeling of Priority National Projects: from consideration of Russian society’s values to special planning

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Опубликовано на портале: 27-01-2012
Полития. 2006.  № 4. С. 148-157. 
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The object of the article is the process of elaboration and implementation of Priority National Projects. I.Boussel-de Coutard and D.Shmerling note the skepticism of a considerable part of Russian society to the large-scale positive impact of such projects, which they explain by the government’s lack of experience in engaging citizens into determination of priorities of the country’s development. According to the authors, the Priority Projects are capable of becoming national only when the set goals are shared by the whole society, originate from the consideration of values of the population itself, and not just a limited layer of the political elite.
The article substantiates the significance of the scientifically proved expert mathematical technologies for political planning. In their study I.Boussel de Coutard and D.Shmerling trace the ways to create relevant methods and their application.
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