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The First Global Convention of European Studies. Date: 21-23.06.2012. Site: Prague, Czech Republic. Deadline: 15.03.2012


Organiser: Euroacademia

Topics: The First Global Convention of European Studies aims to bring in an open floor for discussions, debates, reflection  and  sharing  the  features,  topics,  puzzles,  methods,  trends,  schools  and  heresies  within  the  field  of European  Studies. 

It  searches  to  address  its  identity  as  a  field  of  studies  through  providing  a  framework  for researches and practitioners to present their certitudes and dilemmas, their topics and inquiries, their claims and counter-claims that bring to live the European specificity of exposing itself to constant constructive criticism and
re-evaluation.  It  is  the  aim  of  The  First  Global  Convention  of  European  Studies  to  create  an  opportunity  for assessing the state of the art today, the pros and the cons, the added value and also the question marks that might strengthen or weaken the profile of European Studies as a distinctive field.

Language: English  Fee: 295 €
Deadline: for Panels: March 15, 2012; for Papers: April 15, 2012

Contact: Euroacademia, Schüttelstraße 57/22, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43(0)699 105 55 248
E-mail: office@euroacademia.eu
Internet: http://euroacademia.eu/conference/the-first-global-convention-of-european-studies/