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The Character of the Russian Society Stratification in Comparative Context

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-02-2012
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The author believes the approaches developed by Western sociologists for describing the structure of social inequality to be not quite adequate for the situation having been established in Russia in recent decades. The author thinks the conception of real (homogeneous) social groups that had been being developed actively in the 1970-s by Russian sociologists (O.Shkaratan and others) to be more appropriate. Based on its basis the secondary analysis of the data of the Russian population representative surveys carried out under O.  Shkaratan guidance in 1994, 2002 and 2006 shows that Russian society remains largely the outcome of the former, Soviet institutional system. Social inequality in contemporary Russia stems from division defined by the place of people in the system of property relations and in power
hierarchy. Moreover, in Russia, in contrast to some post-Socialist and developed Western countries, opportunities of social upward mobility are connected to a great extent with individuals’ social background which testifies to extremely low level of chances equality in the Russian society.
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