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Leaving Russia as a Social Diagnosis and Life Perspective

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-02-2012
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The analysis of this problem is based on the data of numerous surveys of population and «advanced» groups that had been conducted by Levada Center for more than 20 recent years. During this period a continuous process of migration of  various types (labour, educational, etc.) was taking place which in its main features is
normal in contemporary world. The share of people who think of leaving the country in this or that way remains stable and rather high in Russia. These
dispositions have increased during last year and 22% of adult Russian respondents in May 2011 reported their wish to leave Russia, the share of those who
had made «a resolute decision» and «were preparing for departure» being below 3%. The share of those  who had never thought of departure has evidently
decreased recently.
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