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The seminar "New Family Forms following Family Dissolution: Consequences in/on Postmodern Society". Date: 12-14.09.2012. Site: Leuven, Belgium. Deadline: 10.02.2012


Organiser: Committee on Family Research
Topics: This seminar focuses on the causes and consequences of the dramatic increase in family dissolution, and subsequently on new repartnering patterns and processes. Participants are challenged to build bridges between theoretical issues, methodological approaches and empirical results. Submissions should be made to one of the conference  topics  which  will  be  distributed  across  a  series  of  sessions  by  the  organizers. 

Possible  themes  are:

  • Conceptual  challenges  in  defining  the  (postmodern)  family; 
  • Researching  contemporary  families: methodological challenges; 
  • Intergenerational  transmission  of  causes  and  consequences  of  family  dissolution; 
  • Sociobiological perspectives  on  family  life,  family  dissolution  and  (re)partnering; 
  • Repartnering  and  remarriage; 
  • Post-divorce fertility;
  • Custody arrangements;
  • New sibling configurations;
  • New (step)parenting styles; Consequences of family dissolution  for  (step)children  and  (step)parents; 
  • Consequences  of  family  dissolution  for  grandchildren  and grandparents;
  • Youth and (future) marriage formation and dissolution;
  • Family and (post)divorce policies;

Review papers: the Leuven 1981 CFR conference revisited.
Language: English 

Deadline: February 10, 2012

Contact: Graziela Dekeyser
E-mail: cfrseminarleuven@soc.kuleuven.be
Internet: http://soc.kuleuven.be/web/files/11/81/CallforAbstractsfinal.pdf