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Regional Studies Association European Conference "Networked regions and cities in times of fragmentation: Developing smart, sustainable and inclusive places". Date: 13-16.05.2012. Deadline: 10.02.2012


Organiser: Regional Studies Association

Topics: The conference will look at the increased interdependency of cities, in environmental, social and economic terms; and the patterns of interaction between them.

It examines the implications of this for regional governance, as well as the potential it offers for the development of regional clusters and networks. Such networked cities and regions  face  challenges  of  coordination  and  blurred  boundaries  of  competence,  with  consequences  for transparency, accountability and legitimacy of decision-making. Papers that consider these issues in relation to the development of smart, sustainable and inclusive places (the three dimensions of the Europe 2020 Strategy) are particularly encouraged.

Language: English
Deadline: February 10, 2012

Contact: RSA Organiser: Elizabeth Mitchell
E-mail: elizabeth.mitchell@regionalstudies.org
Internet: http://www.regional-studies-assoc.ac.uk/events/2012/May-Delft