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ERSA Congress: Regions in Motion - Breaking the path. Date: 21-25.08.2012. Site: Bratislava, Slovakia. Deadline: 17.02.2012


Organiser: University of Bratislava

Topics: The congress is open for all issues concerning regional problems.

A broad range of topics are listed among the themes:

Agglomeration and clusters; Climate change and Environment, sustainability issues; Demography and population;  Entrepreneurship,  networks  and  innovation;  Finance  and  regional  development;  Globalisation  and regional   competitiveness;   Housing   markets,   land   use   and   real   estate;   Infrastructure,   Transport   and Communications; Knowledge economy and Innovation; Learning regions and social capital; Migration and regional labour market; New frontiers in regional science: Theory and Methodology; Peripheral and rural regions; Regional strategies and policies; Spatial Econometrics and analysis; Tourism, cultural and creative industries and regional development; Urban economy; Location theory and studies.

Language: English
Deadline: February 17, 2012

Contact: Local Organising Committee of Bratislava
E-mail: congressersa2012@euba.sk
Internet: http://www.ersa.org/ersa-congress/