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The Boundaries of Private and Public in Intercultural Communication: Meeting of Dutch and Russian Cultures in Organizational Environment

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-06-2012
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This paper discusses informal interactions between Dutch and Russian colleagues working in Dutch or joint enterprises in Saint-Petersburg. The main focus is on intercultural character of business communication and first of all on the place that is taken by “private” and “public” in the structure of intercultural communication. Based on the results of empirical research, the author reveals differences in understanding of private information (about yourself) and public information (that can be frequently given to other people) that exist in Dutch and Russian cultures. Private and public are analyzed through several theoretical approaches. The main approach is Goffman’s dramaturgical perspective, that on the one hand helps to understand the specificities of communication (communicative situation) on microsociological level, and on the other hand reveals its dynamic.
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