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Innovational and Enterprising Potential of the Society

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-06-2012
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The data of International research of business activity carried out by European Commission in 27 countries and nation-wide survey conducted by Levada Center granted by the Saving Bank of Russia Center for macro-economic studies, are used for the analysis of various countries inhabitants’ attitude to business activity, their inclinations to competitiveness and business risks, attractiveness of business for them, and the influence of their own unsuccessful experience on these dispositions. The authors come to a conclusion that in the Russian society there are values necessary for the country modernization but they are not aimed at practical using, do not serve as regulators of every day practices being very often just trimmings for archaic, group mechanisms, and connected with them personal relations and informal rules. And this is a hindrance to innovational and modernizational development in Russia.
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