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On the amount of losses due to uncertainty in law and obsolete excessive regulation incurred by Russian companies which are involved in foreign economic activities and the Russian society on the whole (case study: administrative practices of the Russian Federal Service of Financial and Budgetary Control)

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Опубликовано на портале: 20-07-2012
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2012.  Т. 10. № 2. С. 74-84. 
The article focuses on the inconsistency between the regulatory practices applied by the Russian administrative bodies (case study: the administrative practices of the Russian Federal Service of the Financial and Budgetary Control) with regard to the Russian businesses and the goals of modernizing the whole RF economy management system. It also reveals some internal imperfections within such administrative practices, that generate losses for the most active entrepreneurial sector of the RF economy and for the Russian society on the whole, and proposes solutions to protect the Russian businesses from such administrative imperfections.
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