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Rector’s team: evolution of content and structure’s changes of pro-rector’s activities of Russian universities

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Опубликовано на портале: 11-09-2012
Rector is a key figure of higher education institution. After election to the position, newrector chooses his/her team, consisting of pro-rectors for various directionsof activity of the university. The number of pro-rectors is determined by the size of institution (number of students, number of faculties and specialties,etc.), and such factors as the training of foreign students, the presence of branches and representative offices, etc. In the article researches’ results ofthe structure and content of  pro-rectors’activities in Russian universities (dynamics of several years: 2006, 2008,  2012). Authors define the main directions of pro-rector’s activities in higher educational institutions with proper quantitative and qualitative assessment.
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